CityLife Interview The Travelling Band

Tucked into the darkest corner of a Manchester bar, The Travelling Band’s Jo Dudderidge is playing CityLife hummed melodies on his iPhone.

He laughs at himself for creating such a comprehensive audio notebook (‘There are hundreds of these in this phone,’ he confesses) of the songs he wakes up with in his head in the morning.

It’s a habit he started after suffering from meningitis while on holiday in Australia – a condition that temporarily messed with his memory but also ramped up the vividness of his dreams.

There’s a plus side to this obsessive behaviour, though; Jo is writing more than ever and, as he gears up to tour the band’s second album, he’s already working on new songs for album three.

And it’s good that he’s applying some personal pressure because the stakes have recently been significantly raised for The Travelling Band by a new record deal with European indie label Cooking Vinyl.

The label is set to release their sophomore record, Screaming Is Something, on May 30 – swiftly followed by stirring and summery pop single Fairweather Friends on June 6.

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